Sunday, March 1, 2009

Frost Buster Roller Race

The final race in a 7 race series for a State Championship title. I had only done 2 others, so doing today would qualify me for possibly getting a place in the Cat 4's. Seeing how all the other guys were doing at previous races I knew I had to run about a 6:20 to get into 3rd overall, as long as noone bested their times today. Well it was apparent that the other guys had also brought their A game and weren't letting anything back. I had watched a bunch of races and knew when I had to ride, so I got dressed about 45 minutes before my run to start getting warmed up.

I got up on the rollers and Vern asked if I had a goal for the day, and my only goal was to finish, seemed reasonable. I went out at a pace of just under 6 minutes, knowing I more then likely couldn't hold that for the entire 2 miles I just kept giving it all I had. I got to the half way point and started to really feel it in my legs, I backed of just a tiny bit, and was on track for a 6:30 which I would have been totallt happy with. I pushed as hard as I could through the middle, got to the one minute to go mark and just laid it all out there. I was able to turn a time of 6:22.3 which at that point had me in 3rd for the day and .3 seconds out of 3rd for a medal, so that hope was gone. Only one Cat 4 left to go so we hung around and waited to see him go, and of course he ended up doing a sub 6 minute run so that knocked me out of 3rd, but oh well.

I did set some personal records today, one of them being my time of 6:22.3 (21 seconds faster than my previous best) and a new Max heart rate of 211. Here is the power file from todays race

Final Roller Race