Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kent Park

Kent Park, Tiffin, Iowa.

I have seen this race in the past and have wanted to do it, so this year I decided to make it happen. Showed up and registered on this chilly March morning. Got to the start and had to wait around for probably 20 minutes before going, so my legs had gotten cold, and didn't get warm again until after the 1st climb, and by then the front group was gone. I got into a group with 6 other guys, and was only able to get one or two of them to help do the work at the front, so by the 3rd lap I was done and rode a lap by myself. After the 3rd lap the front women caught up to me so I rode with them for the next two laps as well as another Cat 5 guy, and we all worked together, but the front group of Cat 1's were coming up fast so we ended up getting lapped within the last mile of lap 5. Finished 101st overall and 22nd in the Cat 5's, 5 laps and just under 20 miles.

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Kent Park Classic